Rose Pantopone is intuition. Scrupulously refrained, dangerous term, it can be found throughout the entire world, with no limits of geography, history, ethnicity, sex, or class - and thus, it is far removed from higher forms of knowledge which are the privileged property of an elite few. It is the property of the Bengalese; of hunters; of sailors; of women, of Pantopon Rosé, who doesn't speak but only sings.Rose Pantopone is juke. Juke beside its more known connotation of referring to the act of dancing is a word which comes from a southern American slang. It has two apparently very different meanings. A noun - it recalls a mainly roadside establishment offering liquor, dancing, and often also gambling and prostitution. As a verb it suggests a game strategy as to deceive or outmaneuver a defender by a feint, to make a sham move to mislead an oponnent. Rose Pantopone is a constant reversal. Said with Sacher-Masoch "as soon as you try to be natural, you become vulgar. To you nature is an enemy." Rose Pantopone cherish the questions of surface over the essence. It was once said that falling in love is the act of overvaluing the marginal differences which objectively exist between one woman and another (or between one man and another). Rose Pantopone is absolutely untimely. Obsessed with obsoleteness and happily collaborating with its own gravediggers, it finaly becomes also absolutely timely. Rose Pantopone is a citational fabrication between image, performance and environment.
Michal Novotný